Anonymous asked: A lot of experience would be fun cause he knows what he's doing, but little to no experience could also be fun cause you get to explore each other's bodies and figure it all out n stuff

Yeah, I just want someone who is willing to try new things with me and not care if it sucks at first.

Anonymous asked: it really doesn't matter, if the person you're with cares about you as a person in the slightest, it won't matter. just do what seems natural (I mean sex IS a natural thing) and I mean, it's fuckin sex, very very very few people are going to be disappointed that they had sex. and I mean, if you finish before her, that's cool, eat her out after. it's chill, man

Oh trust me, I plan on eating my girl out like all the time. Total turn on for me. She’ll be treated well. I just need some practice first before I’m a pro.

Anonymous asked: I think as long as you don't go soft 1 second into it they could care less fake it till you make it don't worry or tell your friend not to

Lol I think I can last longer than one second

Anonymous asked: tbh I personally wouldn't care that much either way! I haven't actually done the deed, or even kissed a guy for that matter, (and I'm 18 I feel like nobody will want to do anything with little inexperienced me!) but I feel like it would be nice if he had a bit of experience but wasn't someone who slept around with as many people as possible. I'm a romantic though, and so as long as I liked the guy, I'd be happy

Yeah exactly. You’d want someone who has at least had a little practice with the subject matter.

Anonymous asked: I could care less honestly what do guys think about girls who haven't done it! I am 24 and guys act so weird when they find out

I think it’s less awkward for girls tbh. I mean, a lot of guys are crazy for virgins. Doesn’t really work the other way around though. At least not often. I feel like most girls would rather have the guy have a bit of experience and be able to fully take the lead and be able to blow their minds in bed. You know?

I have a question. Would girls rather be with a guy with a lot of experience, or one that has essentially none?